Women’s Health

Natural Treatments for PMS
60-75 minute presentation for a general audience on premenstrual syndrome, with a brief introduction on Naturopathic Medicine, nutritional, lifestyle and supplements that can be used to effectively treat PMS. Handouts included.

Moving Through Menopause Naturally
60-75 minute Powerpoint presentation for a general audience on how to successfully treat Menopause, includes a brief lay-persons introduction to Naturopathic Medicine, diet, lifestyle and supplements safely and successfully used for helping women move through menopause free of symptoms as well as free of drugs and their side-effects. Handouts to be printed from slides.

Natural Baby-Making (for Those Struggling with Infertility)
75-90 minute presentation on infertility. Powerpoint slides include a brief introduction to Naturopathic Medicine and it’s core values, along with how that paradigm helps to find and treat the cause of infertility. Topics discussed include nutritional, lifestyle, lab testing, food allergy mediation, as well as supplements that may help various causes of unexplained infertility. Handouts to be printed from slides.


Author: Sara Thyr, ND

This package contains three, 60 minute presentations on women’s health.

Package includes:

  • Natural Treatment for PMS
  • Moving Through Menopause Naturally
  • Natural Baby Making (for those struggling with Infertility)
  • Mind-Body Connection Brandable E-Book

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  • Hydrotherapy Brandable E-Book

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  • Core Supplements Brandable E-Book

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  • CE: Homeopathic Case Taking

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  • 1, 2, 3 Homeopathy Course Creation Kit

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  • CE: Vaccinosis – A Naturopathic Approach

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  • Blueprint for Any Business

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  • Blueprint Marketing Module

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