Diabetes Series with Dr. Mona Morstein CE Course

Comprehensive Naturopathic Approach to Diabetes Including Insulin Dosing

with Dr. Mona Morstein

11 part series: Lectures+ Patient Cases

25 CE hours (15 General and 10 Rx CE) through OBNM, AANP, CONO, CNPBC


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Returning to Medicine Talk Pro by special request, Dr. Mona Morstein takes us through every detail of working with Diabetic patients from a Naturopathic Perspective. In today’s society where Diabetes has reached epidemic levels, this is a must-have course for all NDs.

The Diabetes Series consist of 11 sessions, carrying 25 CE hours (15 general + 10 Rx) approved through OBNM, AANP, CONO, CNPBC. Cost: $475


Session 1
Intro to Diabetes Types
Statistics and discussion of all types of diabetes, including genetic types less well known (MODY, MIDD)

Work Up and Office Visits
How to work up patients in the office, questions to ask, discussion of labs to do, diet diaries and glucose graphs, how to organize first and second visits.

Session 2 
Oral and Injectable Medications
Discuss all oral hypoglycemic agents, GLP Inhibitor injectables, Symlin injectable, Statin medications

Session 3
Diabetic Diets
Discussion of ADA diet guidelines, macrobiotic, and pros/cons all low carb varieties of diabetic diets patients can use.Intermittent Fasting

Session 4 
Diabetes Lifestyle (exercise, stress, environmental, microbiome, sleep)
Discussion of how to use exercise with diabetic patients, and how to organize exercise with insulin; how to address environmental toxicities in diabetic patients; sleep and stress management.

Diabetes Supplements
Discussion of leading diabetic supplements and how they help diabetics.

Session 5
Insulin and Accessories
Different types of insulin, how they are supplied, all the accessories which go along with diabetes, including pumps and CGMS.

Session 6
Insulin Basal Dosing
How to dose basal insulin in all patients.

Insulin Bolus Dosing
How to dose bolus insulin to patients.

Session 7
Pregnancy and Pediatrics
Discussion of how to analyze pregnant women who become diabetic, treatment of pregnant women, and also how to work specific issues with pediatric diabetic patients.

Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia
Discussion of how to identify, prevent, and treat both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

Session 8
Diabetic Sicknesses and Travel
Discussion of how to treat sick diabetic patients and how to organize their capacity to travel.

Fatty Liver
Since the majority of diabetic patients have fatty liver, this lecture goes over this complication, what it is, how to diagnose it, and treat it.

Session 9
Retinopathy and Neuropathy
Discussion of diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy—what causes them, how to identify them, and how to treat them through standard care and naturopathic care.

Session 10
Diabetic Nephropathy
Discussion of diabetic nephropathy—what causes it, how to identify it, and how to treat it through standard care and naturopathic care.

Session 11
Case Studies and Q and A

Upon purchase, you will be able to access your course immediately through your “Account” page. Each session contains recording links (video and audio), handouts and the quiz for all 11 sessions.

Dr. Mona Morstein has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition and earned her ND and did her Family Residency at National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR. Following graduation Dr. Morstein established a successful private practice in Great Falls, MT that she ran for 13 years. Dr. Morstein worked at SCNM for 11 years as Chair of Nutrition, Gastroenterology professor, and Clinical Supervisor in the out-patient medical clinic.

Dr. Morstein, now fully back in private practice, sees all ages of patients, both sexes, for all acute and chronic diseases. On top of hormonal conditions, especially diabetes, Dr. Morstein specializes in gastroenterology conditions. She speaks at several medical conferences each year. Dr. Morstein is a board member on the GastroANP naturopathic specialty group, and is a member of the Medical Advisory Committee of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America organization. She has spoken at CCFA conferences and is considered a SIBO expert as well.

In 2012, Dr. Morstein received the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians “The President’s Award”, honoring her comprehensive work for the naturopathic profession during her career. In 2014, Dr. Morstein was awarded “The Most Outstanding Professor” by the SCNM student body. This year, Dr. Morstein was honored by becoming the diabetes expert of the TAP Integrative Non-Profit Organization run by Dr. Lise Alschuler.

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