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It is simple – we all desire to be healthy and live a life free of pharmaceutical medications. Often, the obstacles of time, money and energy may hold us back. Here at Medicine Talk, we decided to create FREE access to Naturopathic Doctors every day of the week.

We have various Naturopathic Doctors, ready to talk to you about holistic health, supplements, botanical medicine, nutritional aspects of health, food allergy testing, heavy metals, functional medicine, integrative medicine, herb-drug interactions and more! And did we mention, this is free 🙂

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Lisa Amerine, ND, DHANP

Dedicated to homeopathy Dr. Amerine often takes challenging cases including patients with a variety of serious chronic illnesses. With a reputation for excellence in Homeopathic Medicine Dr. Amerine uses her passion and expertise help her patients recover their health.

Dr. Amerine graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has completed a fellowship program at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy and is one of 35 Naturopathic Doctors in the United States and Canada to have been awarded Diplomatic status in homeopathy. Dr. Amerine has a keen interest in the Homeopathic literature of the 18th and 19th centuries. Due to her dedication to homeopathy she has been selected to be one of the few authors of the “Materia Medica Pura Project”, a several thousand-hour project that updates the homeopathic Materia Medica and Repretories. This work expands the foundational knowledge of the Homeopathic Materia Medica will be passed on to homeopathic doctors for generations to come.

Outside of Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy Dr. Amerine enjoys spending quality family time with her husband and two young girls.

Learn more about Dr. Amerine at || || Interview with Dr. Amerine


Cait Barbiero, ND

Dr. Cait Barbiero is a Naturopathic doctor based in Fairfield, CT. The powerful answers and solutions Naturopathic medicine provides changed her life and inspired her to obtain her medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

As a Naturopathic physician, she prides herself on finding the root cause of disease and has a special interest in treating gastrointestinal conditions, autoimmune disease, women’s health concerns, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Dr. Cait’s goal with every patient is to heal, inspire, and empower. Her patients understand that living with disease is not necessary and that optimal health is possible.

Learn more at: Dr. Barbiero’s Website || Interview with Dr. Barbiero


Jessica Bernardy, ND

Dr. Jessica Bernardy, ND is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Hood River, OR. Her clinical interests include preconception care, fertility optimization, infertility care, pediatrics, women’s health, stress management, and environmental medicine. She practices traditional naturopathic medicine. What lights her up about her work is knowing that she’s helping people live the lives they want to be living, and helping moms and babies to be healthier, 7 generations into the future.

Dr. Bernardy received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. She previously earned her Bachelors of Science degree in nutrition from the same university. Her path to become a Naturopathic Doctor and fertility expert became clear at an early age. Once in medical school she learned about the declining fertility statistics and knew that there was more that she could offer. She is excited to be a part of the APND to bring this information to the public and to healthcare practitioners.

When she is not seeing patients or blogging you can find her DIY-ing, cooking and eating good food, exploring the outdoors, and reclaiming the lost arts of living a sustainable life with a connection to nature, and teaching others about this.

Interview with Dr. Bernardy


Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO

Dr. Judith Boice is an award-winning author, international teacher, naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, who has a special passion for working with wellness and women’s health. She has traveled around the U.S. conducting over 900 trainings and public lectures on women’s health, menopause, and osteoporosis. Dr. Boice has worked in both private and public integrative health care clinics. Dr. Boice is the author of several magazine articles and ten books, including The Green Medicine Chest™: Healthy Treasures for the Whole Family (winner of the Nautilus Book Awards Silver Medal, and the Living Now Bronze Medal). Dr. Boice is listed in Who’s Who in America. Dr. Boice served for three years as a naturopathic oncology provider at Southwestern Regional Center of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Currently she works at the Holistic Medical Clinic in Fairbanks, Alaska. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Oberlin College, she has lived and traveled around the world, fostering an understanding and respect for many cultures and traditions.

To learn more about Dr. Boice, visit her online at || Interview with Dr. Boice


Eli Camp, ND, DHANP

Dr. Eli Camp is a New Hampshire licensed Naturopathic Doctor. She received her Naturopathic Medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 and her DHANP in 2015.

She lectures across the country at numerous health conferences, public school districts and to the community in general regarding the topics of health and the practice of homeopathy. In 2008, she founded Medicine Talk and Medicine Talk Professional, two paths, one destination – successful, sustainable Naturopathic medical practices. Medicine Talk educates the public; Medicine Talk Pro offers free resources and affordable services to train, support, assist and fund healthcare practitioners creating or restructuring and then maintaining successful medical practices. Dr. Camp serves as a preceptor for students from various fields of healthcare education and as a mentor, consultant and coach to other Naturopathic Doctors to help them establish and become successful in private practice.

Her memberships include the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association (FNPA), The New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND), the Oklahoma Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OKANP) and the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP). In addition to membership, Dr. Camp served as Vice-President and President of NHAND, Treasurer of the FNPA and currently serves on the Boards of the HANP and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute.

Dr. Camp maintains a private concierge practice in which she treats people from all over the world.

Medicine Talk | Medicine Talk Pro


Holly Castle, ND

Dr. Holly Castle received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (now known as National University of Natural Medicine, or NUNM) in Portland, Ore., in 1997 and is licensed to practice in both Oregon and Arizona. Since receiving her doctorate degree, she has continued to take hundreds of hours of postgraduate education and training, with an emphasis on classical homeopathy and Biotherapeutic Drainage. She has studied with world-famous homeopaths and many leaders in the naturopathic profession.

Dr. Castle addresses a wide range of health concerns in individuals of all ages with gentle and effective therapies that include homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, nutritional and dietary counseling, and lifestyle coaching. Her boutique practice focuses on highly personalized care. Patients can be seen in person or advised remotely through telehealth sessions. The principles of natural medicine have guided Dr. Castle for most of her life and she practices what she preaches. Many of the treatments and lifestyle changes she recommends have been used by herself and her family. She understands the challenges of making changes and guides patients through the process.

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Alicia Cole, ND

Dr. Alicia Cole received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Washington. Dr. Cole’s special interests include sports medicine, women’s health, endocrinology and chronic disease. She has been a competitive rower, triathlete and coach for the past 18 years and this athletic background allows for a unique perspective on helping athletes of any level stay injury free while meeting their personal fitness goals.

Dr. Cole is committed to creating a healing partnership with her patients that incorporates the principles of naturopathic philosophy and core therapeutics along with the science of allopathic medicine. She believes that the fundamentals of healthy living are within reach for every person. The naturopathic model of whole-person wellness is at the core of Dr. Cole’s approach to medicine. She believes that by creating sustainable, realistic goals with her patients they can achieve improved health and well-being.

Dr. Cole lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and their two young and energetic daughters. She enjoys reading, cooking, knitting and cross-country skiing.

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Kate Firisin, ND, MSPT

Dr. Kate Firisin is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Physical Therapist. Her private practice emphasizes primary care, detoxification, food allergies, adrenal fatigue and thyroid and hormone dysfunction, cardiovascular conditions and hypertension, diabetes and chronic disease. A native of Connecticut, Dr. Firisin received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Springfield College in Massachusetts in 1999. After 10 years in patient care, she returned to school and received her medical degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012. She was selected to deliver the graduation address and received the Outstanding Leadership Award for her many volunteer and leadership roles throughout her medical education. She is passionate about cooking and discovering new ways to create healthful recipes. Visit Dr. Firisin online.

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Julianne Forbes, ND

Dr. Julianne Forbes graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, the University of New Hampshire with an MBA and received a BS from the State University of NY at Oneonta. Postgraduate homeopathic training includes many courses thru the New England School of Homeopathy. Her naturopathic practice in North Bridgton, Maine offers modalities such as Botanical Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Neurotransmitter testing and support, Allergy testing, as well as Laser and Bowenwork therapies.

Visit Dr. Forbes’s Website || Interview with Dr. Forbes


Amber Golshani, ND

“I believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. The methods I use support that inner wisdom we all have,” says Dr. Amber Golshani. She asserts that health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being that allows each person to pursue their highest goals, dreams, and life purpose.

In an over a decade of clinical experience, she’s helped thousands of people overcome chronic pain, disordered eating habits, digestive illness, autoimmunity, adrenal fatigue, stress-induced illnesses, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and more. Her “Healthy Eating and Lifestyle” (HEAL) Program was named “Best Weight Loss Program” on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, by the readers of What’s Up Magazine for two years in a row before she moved to Colorado where she now maintains a virtual Naturopathic consulting practice helping people from all over the country.

Dr. Golshani received her Bachelor of Science (Magna cum laude) in Chemistry from Southampton College of Long Island University. Following her own cure of a chronic illness using natural methods, she went on to receive her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, a four year, accredited, postgraduate medical school.

She’s served on the board of directors for both Evergreen: A Center for Balanced Living and the Area Health Education Center of the Eastern Shore, in addition to more than 4 years on the Scientific Advisory Board of Konsyl Pharmaceuticals.

She is also a frequent lecturer, both locally and nationally, as she believes her role is primarily to educate and empower people to build the health they want so that they can live a full, vital life. Her most recent speaking engagement was at the annual meeting of the Retail Clinicians Association, a 5000 member organization. Her speech focused on stress-induced illness and a integrative, naturopathic approach to diagnosis and treatment. She was commended for both her content and presentation.

In addition to her private practice, Amber loves hiking and camping, is an avid reader, and a happy wife and mother of two wonderful children.

Visit Dr. Golshani’s Website || Interview with Dr. Golshani


Jason Kinley, ND

My name is Jason Kinley and do I have a true story for you. My journey began in Ohio where I was born. I was often ill and over-medicated. Moving around a lot as a child and having resided in the states of Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, and Washington, over-medication was always a concern. Very active as a child, I played sports including baseball, soccer, racing motorcycles and bicycles, track, and hockey. I still had my own health challenges, but I just went along without anyone really listening to my story. One day my life changed, I had a car wreck and a traumatic brain injury also known as a TBI. During the process of healing, I started to seek other options for my health care finding adjunctive care with a Naturopathic doctor. During my healing I got married and had my first two children. After seeing how naturopathic medicine helped me, my wife encouraged me to become a Naturopath and during the process we had four more children. So yes, we have a loving household with six wonderful children. I love to walk with my patients on their individual journeys, wherever their paths may lead. I am able to use physical medicine for those bumps in the road, guidance when the road forks, food, herbs, and sometimes medication when the body needs a little help. Now that you have read some of my story, I would love to hear yours.

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Gail Littell, ND, CMT

Gail Littell was first introduced to naturopathic medicine in 1978 while living in Arizona and attending massage therapy school. It was love at first introduction; naturopathic medicine brought together her myriad interests and offered a never-ending source of engagement for her insatiable curiosity regarding all things natural. However, her entry into a formal naturopathic program was delayed by an almost exact 30 years while she reared and home-schooled her 3 children, practiced massage therapy part-time and then operated a certified organic farm after her two older children (twins) left home. Many years later, when her youngest son had spread his wings, she left her beloved country life for life in the largest city in Canada, Toronto, in order to attend naturopathic school.

Gail graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario in 2013 and promptly returned to the hills and hollers of southern Indiana. She currently serves as the INANP secretary (Indiana Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and holds a naturopathic license in Vermont. She maintains a private practice in Salem, Indiana and dreams of establishing a seasonal residential clinic at her farm where she will be able to more fully incorporate Nature Cure and her Vitalistic approach to health and healing. Gail is the mother of 3 and a “Grandmom” to 10; her precious gifts from God.

Visit Dr. Littell’s Website || Interview with Dr. Littell


Nina Manipon, ND

Dr. Nina Manipon is a licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health and pediatrics. Dr. Manipon is passionate about empowering and educating patients on how to live healthier lives. She received her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed a general family practice residency at the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to receiving her doctorate, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is also the Medical Director of Revitalize Wellness Center in Stamford, CT and offers health consultations in Hawthorne, NJ.

Visit Dr. Manipon’s Website || Interview with Dr. Manipon


Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP

Dr. Gregory Pais is a Colorado registered naturopathic doctor. He received his Naturopathic Medical degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1992 and was board certified as a DHANP in 1997. Over the last two decades Dr. Pais has helped his patients heal, in part, through examining the interrelationship between lifestyle and health. Whether exploring toxin exposure from the home or the environment, enumerating the health dangers of hydraulic fracturing or genetically modified organisms, he has made the case of how not only are you what you eat, but where you live, the air you breathe, and the water you drink.

Working with both adults and children Dr. Pais sees patients with allergies, eczema, asthma, menstrual problems, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and those individuals whose immune systems have been compromised. Of particular note are the many patients with anxiety, depression, panic disorders, eating disorders, and behavioral problems that have been helped by homeopathic and naturopathic care. Grounded in the science of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Pais’s passion and love for natural living and healthy eating permeates his practice. The depth and power of action of homeopathic medicine is augmented by Dr. Pais’s extensive knowledge of natural therapies and his 43 years of experience in helping people create and maintain an optimum lifestyle.

Visit Dr. Pais Online || Interview with Dr. Pais


M. Samm Pryce, ND, MIfHI

Dr. Pryce rotated through the Family Medicine Residency Program at Jamaica Hospital before graduating with the degree of Naturopathic Medical Doctor and was presented with the Daphne Blayden Award for her academic achievement and commitment to the Naturopathic profession as a whole.

Dr. Pryce joined the clinical team at The D’Adamo Clinic and completed another 18 month residency with Dr. Peter D’Adamo (Author of the New York Times Best Seller- Eat Right For Your Blood Type) which resulted in her mastery of blood type science and her MIfHI credentials.

She has been very active in educating the public about Naturopathic Medicine by meeting with Senators, Congress personnel, and CEO’s of hospitals in MI, FL and DC which helped to gain Naturopathic licensure in DC.

Dr. Pryce is currently practicing in Ann Arbor, MI and Warren, MI. She is the past Director of Ways and Means for Saline Area Soccer Association and an editor for Currently she is on the Global Missions Committee for Keystone Community Church, Chairwoman for election inspectors for the city of Ann Arbor, Elected Precinct Delegate for Washtenaw County, Board member for Green Apple Play School (3 locations with a Spanish immersion school) and past Social Committee member and Chair for the 9-holers for Travis Pointe Country Club. She is also the past Director of Professional Affairs for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is a volunteer at her church as well as a clinical supervisor for medical mission trips abroad (Nicaragua and Guatemala).

Dr Pryce is considered to be a concierge Naturopathic Physician in which skype, email and phone consults are utilized to manage ongoing care for patients worldwide. Her area of focus and specialty includes but is not limited to environmental medicine, oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, generative medicine, Blood Type and Genotype diet styles.

She maintains her current Naturopathic license to practice medicine in VT and keeps up to date with her CME’s through conferences that are offered around the country in varying subject matter that is pertinent to her patients.

She and her husband of eight years have been blessed with a baby boy, Sean Adam Pryce II whom they affectionately call “Deuce.” She also has a 15 year old bonus son named Jamari. Her interests include Kayaking, skiing, golfing, swimming and reading to name a few.

Visit Dr. Pryce’s Website || Interview with Dr. Pryce


Matthew Robinson, ND

Matthew Robinson, N.D. graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine, where the faculty awarded him a scholarship for excellence in clinical practice. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Robinson served in the United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in rural Kazakhstan. Through his service and travel, he had the unique experience of meeting and shadowing various alternative healthcare practitioners from around the world. He has also served as a volunteer with Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health, treating patients in rural Guatemala. Using traditional naturopathic therapies, Dr. Robinson treats patients of all ages and all health conditions, with a special interest in immune diseases and digestive disorders.

Visit Dr. Robinson’s Website || Interview with Dr. Robinson


Linda Sparks, ND

She has been passionate about alternative health since she was a child and her mother was unable to walk for many years of her life. After seeing the trials her mother had to undergo with traditional treatments, with little to no benefit, she was amazed to see alternative health recommendations completely turn her mother’s progress around. She was sold. After years of working in Hollywood, as a television producer, Dr. Sparks, gave up the glitter of Hollywood to return to school and help those in need.

Dr. Sparks graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal state of health through one on one patient visits and teaching nationwide. Dr. Sparks specializes in Clinical Nutrition, Bio-therapeutic Drainage, Mind-Body Therapy, Homeopathy and Botanical Medicine. She sees the entire picture, looks for the root cause and supports patients in walking the path to wellness that best suits them. She is currently practicing in outside Asheville, NC and focuses on Women’s Health, Autoimmune Disease, Skin Issues and Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.

Visit Dr. Sparks Online || Interview with Dr. Sparks


Elaine Stewart, ND

Dr. Elaine Stewart is a licensed Naturopathic physician. She graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, AZ. She also has Masters’ degrees in Nutrition, Health Administration and Gerontology.

Her decision to attend SCNM came after having two prior careers, one as a Clinical Nutritionist in Boston, Massachusetts and one as a Medical Economics data analyst working for a managed care health plan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She returned to her home state of Arizona to care for her aging mother as she came to the end of her life.

Having overseen her mother’s hospital experience, she knew there must be a better, gentler way to medically support older adults in their later years. When she found SCNM, she knew that naturopathic medicine and its principles of treating the whole person and getting to the root cause was a wonderful approach to help patients of all ages make changes in their health that will make their current and later years healthy and productive. She is also a certified medical examiner for the Department of Transportation (DOT).

She enjoys hiking, sewing, bird watching, hanging out with friends and enjoying the beauty of Arizona.

Her mission as a naturopathic doctor is to empower every patient to become their best self through optimum health and well-being.

Visit Dr. Stewart’s Website || Interview with Dr. Sparks


Peter Swanz, ND, FHANP

Dr. Peter Swanz received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Dr. Swanz was awarded the prestigious Daphne Blayden award for his commitment to Naturopathic Medicine, Academic Excellence, Compassion, Perseverance, a Loving Sense of Humor and a Positive, Supportive Outlook by his colleagues and staff at SCNM.

He is a Naturopathic Physician with advanced training in classical homeopathy and nutrition. Dr. Swanz is Board Certified and a Fellow of the Homeopathic Association of the Naturopathic Physicians. He currently supports individuals on the journey to health through his Vital Force Naturopathy practice, integrating the best of his conventional and holistic medical training. Dr. Swanz specializes in homeopathy, pediatrics and family medicine. He is passionate about healing and is driven by the desire to see all people be the most healthy individual they can be.

Visit Dr. Swanz’s Website || Interview with Dr. Peter Swanz


Judith Thompson, ND

Judith Thompson, ND (Naturopathic doctor), trained in nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, pharmacology and bio-energetics at the National University of Natural Medicine (formerly known as the National College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Portland, Oregon. Her work integrates naturopathic philosophy with modern science to attain the person’s highest level of health in hormonal balance, stress management, emotional/ mood support, digestive and immune health.

She consults with people of all ages to create a path of life-long health through conscious attention on well-being. She has presented lectures on the latest research surrounding natural health and disease prevention at NOVA Southeastern University School of Osteopathic Medicine and School of Pharmacy, Everglades University, the National Conference for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Life Extension Foundation, Palm Beach Delegation Meetings for State Representatives and Senators, Annual Meeting of the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Summit Montessori School, Thermae Retreat, The Red Tent, Amazing Births and radio shows around the country. She has published articles nationally and internationally for medical journals and nutraceutical supplement companies. She is the Vice President of the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association and a House of Delegates representative of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Visit Dr. Thompson’s Website || Interview with Dr. Judith Thompson


Kirby Thompson, ND

Dr. Kirby Thompson, ND, MSOM, LAc first became interested in Naturopathic Medicine when her father became ill with a debilitating diagnosis. He had to stop practicing medicine and was given a grave prognosis. He soon started seeing a Naturopathic Physician. Within one year he was practicing medicine again. It was a miracle. I also had some health issues and went to the same Naturopathic Physician and with time, the skin issues resolved. I was amazed and thought, “I would LOVE to do that.” So, I went to Naturopathic medical school.

Kirby Thompson, ND, MSOM, LAc received undergraduate degrees from Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN in chemistry, biology, and education. She received a Master’s degree in science education in 2004 from Piedmont College in Demorest, GA. Dr. Kirby Thompson has taught chemistry, biology, physical science, cellular biology, environmental biology and ecology since 1999. Dr. Thompson graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in 2012 as valedictorian.

Dr. Thompson began practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Naperville, IL with an experienced Naturopathic colleague. While practicing in Naperville, she finished her degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at National University of Health Sciences. She graduated from Oriental medical school as Salutatorian. She became licensed to practice acupuncture and began practicing Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, and Oriental Medicine at Wildflower Wellness, LLC in Hattiesburg, MS. She is thrilled to bring the therapies and practice of Wildflower Wellness, LLC to the Lake Norman Area of North Carolina.

Dr. Kirby Thompson continues to treat those diagnosed with wide variety of diseases both acute and chronic. Her education and clinical experience have influenced the integrative approaches she employs to restore the human body to optimal wellness from physical, emotional and spiritual ailments.

Dr. Thompson has seen that it does the disease diagnosis. It is the physiology, organs and organ systems must be identified. Once the body is supported through the therapeutic order, there can be a resolution of that diseased state. Wellness is possible.

Visit Dr. Thompson’s Website || Interview with Dr. Thompson


Aviva D Wertkin, ND

Aviva D Wertkin, N.D. earned her doctorate degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed a two year residency in Naturopathic Family Medicine through National College of Natural Medicine.She currently practices at Naturae Medical a Naturopathic Primary Care practice in Brattleboro VT. Dr. Aviva uses conventional diagnostic tools as well as specialized biomedical testing to determine the underlying causes of health concerns. She sees patients of all ages with all health concerns and is an expert at disease reversal. She is also a specialist in the treatment of digestive disorders, neuro-endocrine and immune conditions, fatigue, pain, lyme disease and cancer. Dr. Aviva uses classical naturopathic therapies along with acupuncture in her practice and is very mindful of the emotional and spiritual components of illness.

Visit Dr. Wertkin’s Website || Interview with Dr. Wertkin


Ashley Whittemore, ND

Dr. Ashley Whittemore, is an Arizona licensed Naturopathic Physician. Born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, she attended Louisiana State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Business Administration. She then went on to receive her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, where she was trained as a general practitioner.

Dr. Whittemore has a passion for empowering people to take control of their health and educating them on how to do so. She also has a passion for advocating for the awareness and advancement of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Whittemore is in private practice at Cornerstone Health Center where she works with people with a variety of conditions. Dr. Whittemore is currently working with Naturopathic Doctors in Louisiana to establish a Louisiana Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Visit Dr. Whittemore’s Website || Interview with Dr. Whittemore