Blueprint 4 Business: Recordings & Handouts

The Why of IT and Creating a Professional Plan​

Business Plan

Finances Part 1: Business Plan Projections

Finances Part 2: Getting Financed

Finances Part 3: Day to Day

Your Marketing Plan

Marketing Part 1 – This is scheduled to be updated following the May 28-29, 2022 live session.

Note: This contains all extras for both Marketing Part 1-2

Contains: Online Listings Resource; Sample Corporate Letter; Sample Lecture Topics; Sample Press Release

Marketing Part 2 – This is scheduled to be updated following the May 28-29, 2022 live session.

Your Website

Passive Income

Practice Structure

Finding the Perfect Space

Practice Management

Contains: Acknowledgement Privacy Practices; Consent to Treatment; Homeopathic Intake Form; Medical Records Release; Notice Privacy Practices; Patient Information; Patient Intake Form; Pediatric Intake; Basic Office Duties; QB items & vendors; Office Procedures; OP Deposits; Suppliers; Supplies

Human Resources

Information Technology (IT)

Game Plan

Philosophy of Business

Extra Cool Handouts and Materials

These are not really connected with a specific module above. Contains: Allergenic Foods & Their Substitutes; Beyond Flat Earth; Castor Oil Pack; change setting excel; Cholesterol Pathways; FAP Information for Physicians; Healthy Snacks Kids; Herbs Contraindicated in Pregnancy; Herbs That Can Be Used In Pregnancy; Home Hydrotherapy; Osmolarity; Pediatric Vital Sign_1; preventive care flowsheets; Selling Styles; Sugar Comparison; Therapeutic order; Whole foods wheat pamphlet