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Choose from over a hundred teleseminars on topics from herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, mind body medicine and more.

Health Tip of the Month

Dairy-free hot soups are excellent any time of the year, especially in Autumn. Soup can help boost immune function, aid digestion and, if naturally low-calorie, can help with weight loss. 

Upcoming Teleseminars:
Adrenal Health 2-12-15 @ 12 CST Register
Testing Food Allergies 2-28-15 @ 10 am CST Register

What is Medicine Talk

At Medicine Talk, we provide year-round teleseminars on holistic health topics such as Diet & Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Mind Body Medicine. Here are some benefits of attending one of our events:

  • Call in to the teleseminar from the comfort of your home.
  • Choose from over 100 events offered year-round.
  • Buy the audio archives if you miss a class in our Online Store.
  • Taught by Doctors and professionals working in the field of holistic medicine.
  • Get handouts for every event you attend.
  • AFFORDABLE - attend events for as low as $10.

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ND Corner We provide resources for Naturopathic Doctors such as business seminars, presentation packages and a patient newsletter service. 

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Future Projects

Native RTL SupportAt Medicine Talk, we are always working on new services to help support you in your healing journey. View a list of projects we are currently developing.


Health Tip

Studies have shown that the smell of lavendar essential oil can calm anxiety and improve mood while the smell of peppermint essential oil can invigorate, boost energy and clear the sinuses!

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